J A N   R I C K E Y









* Talent Coordinating:  Music Headlining Acts, Actors, Extras, Stunt personnel, filming crews, production staff


* Production coordinating:  Live Events, Music, Film, Hair & Fashion Seminars


* Media Communications: Marketing, Promotion, Public Relations


* Preparation of detailed business plans, Budget breakdown, cash flow charts, Performa: Revenue Projections


* Acting


* Performing Entertainer: Vocalist, Platform Hair-Designer of Instruction


* Recording Artist


I have been involved professionally in every facet of show business over the past thirty years, and have performed from the age of six on.  My qualifications have evolved from the actual participation in performing and acting to the actual producing and promoting of shows.  I have personally managed and directed all areas of business ventures and productions. 

My most recent work is the procuring of and the formulating of all facets of the annual" INTERNATIONAL PRO STUNTS, MOTION PICTURE FESTIVAL".  As stated in my personal profile, my expertise lies in taking a project from the conceptual idea and completing every business aspect and Performa including overall budget, detailed cash flow disbursements, revenue projections, marketing strategy , etc. to the actual Production coordinating in every phase of production.


CURRENT SHOWS - Events 2013 - 1987:



Intl Pro Stunt Production, featured FireBurn stunt for four events and provided -Stunt safety training

to select characters in colorful history of their portrayal of the Native American way and the settling of the American West heritage in this incredible legendary show



Cook out Seminar, held at the “Gathering Place” of Port Townsend, WA, held by Linda Ferris and Nancy Graham in conjunction with Producer Jan Rickey


Head Chef:  Dan Stenado, prepared for the audience

 Chicken Pesto/ Alfredo pasta fennle




Pro Stunts Int’l “Western Jamboree”, for the kids and adults, held at Jefferson county fairgrounds; port Townsend, 2007 held by the rotary club of port Townsend

Produced by IEP and Int’l Pro Stunts, Dan Stenado 2nd Unit Director, Jan Rickey Producer and announcer, commentator


Producer of


Scottsdale, Arizona, Major Media Event, completion of development Financial Investment package for 1997 event, completed all phases of production coordinating, marketing of event and film documentary


Films, Video productions and

 Motion Pictures:


* "Beyond the Edge of Darkness",  Escee Three Productions of Hollywood, California

Starring:  Christopher Atkins, Sam Bottoms, Frank Zagarino, Christopher Nean,

My assistance was within 2nd unit, Stunt Action safety crew, Stunt Double Hair and make-up, special effects 


* Produced “Whitelands”, Motion Picture Trailer

Coordinated all crews, Casting Actors, Extras, coordinated with Stunt personnel in wardrobe and action scenes and coordinated filming within city limits Insurance Binders.


*Produced: The Talent search USA, video production, and six promotional DVD's for each Music Act who Performed in the Live Concert, held at 7 Cedars Casino, Wa.




·        Starred in "Unlimited Business Exchange": Actress, Staring Dan Stenado, Jan Rickey



Current CONCERT CREDITS Produced


7 Cedars Casino- Talent Search Usa Concert, featuring six Music Acts and special guest performances:  Craig Buhler and the Che’ Jazz Quartet Featuring Sara Che’, "Thomas sparks and Haunebu II," The "Blues Attitude" Band, "Jim Nardo and the, Boogie Train Blues band",House of cards, with Bob Dickey, on Drums,Mister Sister and Big Fine Daddies" with special film clip with actress and vocalist "Socorro Grace Vallez" also performing live and a lyrical ballet dance to "Wild Horses " by inspiring young pro dancer alisa walker


* Historical Town Tavern Benefit, featuring, "Led Jaxson Band" with special quest artists, Roger Filgo, Blue Nectar, blues band and Daddy Treetops - Promoter, Media-Advertising, Public relations, and coordinator for event.


* Rainbow Valley Peace Concert", 2 day music festival- Southwest Washington state:  featuring Jr Cadillac and guest performers- Promotion, Media-Advertising, Public Relations, Video Production producer and coordinator, and food concessions



* "The Bryds",Headliner & "Roberts- Meisner Band",& Guest " Baby Gramps", in Concert

- Promoter, Media-Advertising, Public Relations, scheduled interviews, Production Coordinator sound and lighting crews, stage hands, etc.  Rick Roberts of “FireFall” and Randy Meisner of “The Eagles”, KZOK live interview at The radio station


* “blues legend, Chico chism in concert with Doug Lynn band formerly led Jackson band “   11 nights various venues and different cities, Pacific Northwest tour ‘, to name a few:

·        “Larry’s blues club”, Seattle, wa.

·        the swiss“, of Tacoma, wa.

·        A big show at “The public house”, port townsend, wa

·        “Key largo”, Portland, Oregon

·        “Blues to do”, interview, Seattle, WA.

·        “Clear water Casino”,:  featuring Chico Chism with Blues Necter band

·        Big Closing tour show, Back at “Larry’s”, fans showed up from the UK, who knew the legendary Chico Chism


“The Byrds”, in 20th anniversary concert held at Parkers, North Seattle, also featuring guest musicians, Rick Roberts of FireFall, the famous group, called “The Band“


“ Gene Clark and The Bryds” in concert held at “The back Stage “, in Seattle, WA.


  Featuring Famous “Gene Clark of The Byrds, with John York, Mike Clark, Bobbie Darnell and friends, held in north of san Diego, late 1980’s


Jan promoted in concert and helped managed Gene Clark of “the Bryds





* Native American Seminar- Documentary

-  Guest Speaker, Coordinated Video Shoot


* Rising Stars of the Northwest

-  Coordinator Video Shoot for Video Shoot for Cable TV


Fort Warden Actors workshop classes held in Port Townsend, WA.,

 coordinated each class video shoots, and also held in Bremerton, WA.





* Fort Warden; Pacific NW Stuntmen's Association, with Hollywood StuntMen Professionals

- Stunt Seminars, Production Coordinating

And apprenticeship programs


·        Vogue Modeling Schools, Jan Rickey, “ Self, Professional, Glamour –Image consultant”






Los Angeles, throughout the United States, series of “Natural Geometric Haircutting Seminars, 1970’s- 1992


*  Shenanigan's Restaurant, Tacoma Waterfront, Wa.

-  Producer, Promoter of Unlimited Hair Design and Fashion Show, Sunday Brunch


Hair & Fashion Seminars held throughout California and the east coast, Washington D.C.., and Virginia and Washington






*Pacific Northwest Actor's Workshop, (1994 – 2007)

owner, coordinator of classes and Video Shoots, Dan Stenado, acting coach, and Bill Weiss, Producer / acting Coach of seattle, WA.


* OMNI International Management and Consultant, (1990- 2008)

owner, Business consultant for Entertainment Industry and booking agent for Performing Artists


*International Entertainment & Productions, Inc, Production Company, (1985 - 2008)

Production of Film and Music, Live Events, owner, Producer, Promoter; Las Vegas, Nevada, Corporation


*International Production Services,(1994- 2008) a division of "International Entertainment Production Co.", Multi-faceted Production Service Company, owner, Production coordinator for a variety of funded productions, sports, Live Events. Motion Pictures, Hair & Fashion


*Pacific Northwest Stuntmen's Association:  research and development,since 1983, Washington State Corporation

-  Pacific Northwest Stunt Academy business plan and Performa



Producer of International Pro Stunts, Motion Picture Festival, "          "

-* Jan Rickey Production :  Film, WHITELANDS", Synopsis

2nd Unit director, Stunt Co-ordinator:  Dan Stenado


Natural Geometric haircutting, Video Documentary, business, marketing plan, series of Educational Video Tapes,

- Presentation made to Robert Reed; President of Distribution Hikari Sheers

- Presentation made to Proposed Video Producer/Director Nathum Philips,   of British Columbia, Canada

(Presentations accepted, offers made)


1972-1993-             Owner of salons nationwide, while Performing Musically, Producing & Promoting Shows, and developing marketing and Business plans


1999-       Guests of Shanghai Culture of Arts of China, Int’l Entertainment, Jan Rickey signed contracts on television at the event as the Main manage Institution of the United States, representing performing Artists of china and in the Cultural exchange of providing music

headlining acts, touring china, such as the Supremes, The Karen Carpenter show in remembrance, China loves her music, and this was made by their request


2000-       Provided Global Boxing Promotions, Dan stenado contract for training Chinese boxers to turn pro fighters and train the trainers


Provided Business economic development and tourism plan to offer trimester events to Hawaii to augment large media events

Featuring;  Stars on water for their pearl harbor hydro-plane races and pro bowl event, prepared complete business synopsis and shows fully developed and talent coordination and public relations for the Hotel sponsors and additional venues in Hawaii to hold our events.


Produced t hair product lines and skin care since 1971 to 1995

·        Head Shampoo and Conditioner, by Head Organic Products, Hollywood, California  

·        Don King, co-conut Shampoo and conditioner, Hollywood, California

·        California Hair Products, Hollywood and Beverly Hills

·        Ede’ Skin Care products, Hollywood Bulivard, and Beverly Hills, Whilshire Bulivard

·        Cellera, Skin Care Products, Washington State, Las Vegas, Nevada


Many Audio recordings