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 in performance, in the " Byrds and Beyond Concert" Tour of 2012

formerly of "The Byrds"


John York is best known for his work as a member of the world-renowned Folk Rock/Country Rock group, the Byrds., who also is Currently working with Barry McGuire in "Trippin' The Sixties," and many other shows.

Live at an Int'l Entertainment Concert

John's vocal and instrumental talents have kept him in the company of such musical luminaries internationally known as "THE BYRDS", with Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark, Clarence White also Nicky Hopkins, and Gene Parsons. He was a member of "The Sir Douglas Quintet" (with Dr. John Mac Rebenack (Dr. John,) Doug Sahm and toured with The Mamas and Papas. John played bass for Johnny Rivers, Lightnin’ Hopkins, and has also played with Rick Danko and Richard Manuel (The Band) and has performed with many others great well known musicians over the years.

The event International Entertainment & Productions,( IEP) is Touring in the Pacific Northwest this 2012 , is the " JOHN YORK , " BYRDS and BEYOND " Show. International Entertainment, Jan Rickey Stenado, Dan Stenado have promoted and worked with THE BYRDS  since the early 1980's, first with Gene Clark , John York and Michael Clark, and Jesse Ed Davis, in L.A. and other band members in the Southern California shows. In 1985 in Seattle, Washington, since The 20th Anniversary Byrds Tribute Tour including Rick Danko of "THE BAND"; Rick Roberts, of Firefall with other guest performers, at The "Parkers Club", we, IEP Promoted Gene Clark Lead Vocalist and guitarist, also John York, Second Lead Vocal and 12 string guitar, Billy Darnell, 3rd Lead Guitar and Vocals, Michael Curtis, Bass Guitar and Vocals , Greg Thomas on Drums and vocals in PNW Performances and then the second Tour we included the group Rick Roberts of Firefall with Randy Meisner, The founding member of of The Eagles, " as "The Roberts - Meisner Band" "five piece group with Cary Park on lead guitar, Bray Ghiglia on guitar with Ron Grinel on Drums from "The Joe Walsh Band".

The 2012 "JOHN YORK TOUR" will Continue in the Byrds tradition; John York sings with a rich emotional voice and favors the 12 string guitar. His music is strongly rooted in America. John sings Byrds songs to keep his long-time fans happy, Dylan songs, classic songs from the past, and his own compositions for his growing following of new fans. Also Performing with John York on his 12 string Guitar and Vocals, is Stephen Penn on electric, acoustic guitar, who accomplished graduating with a Degree from" Cornish College of the Arts", as songwriter, arranger, sound engineer, who has performed and recorded with many famous Acts in the Music Industry. From the 1960's era of music was Peter Noone of the "Herman's Hermits Band " , Stephen Toured with Peter Noone in 1989-1990, Stephen then formed his own group known as "Armed and Dangerous ", from 2003 to present date; during a time frame performing with Band Members; were Banner Thomas of the "Molly Hatchet Band", and "Roger Boyd of Head East " in the Armed and Dangerous Band. Stephen has performed with members from the Firefall over the years and Toured from 1986-1989 three BOB HOPE, for the U.S. Air Force P.A.C.A.F. with "Freddie and the Screamers, including Goldy McJohn from Steppenwolf in the FAR EAST TOURS. His 2011 currant shows are Stephen Penn on electric acoustic guitar, SOLO ACT also with occasional guest performers. His Armed and Dangerous Band, is Stephen's electric group, who was recently in the studio recording with the current Bass player of " Boston", Kimberley Dahme on acoustic guitar. Stephen's special variety of music will mix, blend and collaborate beautifully with "JOHN YORK, on the Byrds and Beyond Tour", they both have played with many of the same players over the years.

  Performing Artist: Stephen Penn


  STAR, JOHN YORK 's Recordings:

In addition to several albums with the Byrds, John York has “Dr. Byrds and Mr. Hyde,” “Ballad Of Easy Rider,” “Byrds Play Dylan,” “Byrds Greatest Hits vol 2,” “Byrds Box Set,” and many years of session work with other artists, John currently has 5 CD’s available. “Arigatou Baby,” “Claremont Dragon,” “Sacred Path Songs,” “Clan Mother Songs” (with Jamie Sams,) and “Koto” (with Yukiko Matsuyama.)

Also recently released are “Byrds Live at the Fillmore,” “Family Tree” (with Skip Battin,) “Under The Silvery Moon” (Gene Clark,) “Cry” (with Gene Clark & Pat Robinson).

 The TV show “The Place Where I Am Dreaming” featured John’s artistic collaboration with his wife, artist Sumi Foley. Recently, John has composed and recorded music for the lyrics of Kim Fowley on "West Coast Revelation." The duet "Redneck Ninja" highlights John's creative partnership with acclaimed songwriter Patrick Brayer.

For the Largest Event Int'l Entertainment & Productions, will be bring in Guest Artists as a Tribute to THE BYRDS, members Gene Clark, and Michael Clark who are no longer here with us. We are proud to present JOHN YORK, our Headliner who will perform in his "BYRDS and BEYOND" show.

One of his many recordings, Stephen Penn has just released the 2011 CD called "Streets of Houston", please visit: ,

 click on Stephen Penn page , then bio, and click on Golden-Penn link to recordings on : the " Streets of Houston" CD, on reverbnation

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