Bassist, Singer,Songwriter



  Endorsed by AMPEG since 2011 Musician/Recording Artist Jason Buttino has excelled in his music career exclusively using AMPEG Gear, also endorsed by " SPECTOR Bass Guitar since 2004, Jason is exclusively a SPECTOR Bass performer who made his Big deput in the Seattle, WA. Area, in the Grunge Rock music scene over the past 13 years. Jason's credits are many in playing with World known Artists, and has diversified in his playing many veins of music styles and his creative songwriting skills.

  Jason Buttino began his music career in New York since 5 years of age training in vocals, studying piano and performing and then became serious when He chose to study vocals with the Famous "David Kyle, known as "The Maestro" of the New York City Broadway Artists and shows for 32 years. David Kyle also trained Vocals with Lanyne Stealy of "Alice and Chains", Chris Cornell of "SoundGarden", and Anne and Nancy Wilson of "Heart" not to mention the Opera icon Luciano Pavarotti.

Jason has been with Int'l Entertainment & Productions, and featured with IEP All Star Talent, since 2012, promoting Jason Buttino in Concerts and arious Publicity Campaigns.

The following ACTS areamong the Music Groups Jason has played with: